“Justin Simard ably lays down a soft bedding score, and showcases his rich, warm voice.”

- Lennie McPherson, The Guardian


“Some standout highlights from the 80-minute revue were songs like So I Say Farewell (a lovely melodically-interlaced duet by Mallory McInnis as young Maud saying goodbye to her father played by Justin Simard, whose voice was just a joy to absorb in all its various contexts throughout the evening)…”

- Todd MacLean, The Guardian


“As the handsome vagrant Bob… …Simard again finds a true comic-line, more humorous than farcical.”

- Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald


”As Ben, Simard had often to act in what the theatre calls “dumb show,” as background to Lucy’s conversations elsewhere. He is not only outstanding vocally, but is gifted with great timing and comic good sense: subtle, but projected to the back of the hall.”

- Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald



”Soprano Maureen Batt and Baritone Justin Simard with a little mute help from John-Riley O’Handley, led off the double-bill in the Sir James Dunn Theatre… …Both gave first-rate comic performances…”

- Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald



“As Klunker, Justin Simard striaghtens his back, tucks his chin in, and delivers his lines with fine comic timing,

and his arias with musical adroitness.”

- Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald